22. Support Your Mental Health by Becoming a Boundary Boss with Terri Cole


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Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist and the author of “Boundary Boss”. Today, she’s unpacking how to get out of your own way and become empowered in your ability to create loving boundaries in your relationships. Hear her journey of moving from the entertainment industry into her career as a therapist, and why she’s so passionate about helping individuals create healthy boundaries with themselves and others. Terri provides an exercise for you to check in with the state of your boundaries, and shares what you can do today to start establishing boundaries in your relationships.

Today on The Healing Catalyst:

  • Terri’s life changing moment at her first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting
  • How we take on the feelings of others - learning to separate what’s yours vs. theirs
  • The connection between internal boundaries and relationships
  • The most important clues that you lack boundaries
  • How to reflect on your relationship with saying ‘no’
  • Actionable steps to start establishing boundaries in your relationships


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