24. Bobbi Brown on Revolutionizing Makeup & Enhancing Beauty From Within


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Bobbi Brown is a makeup artist and entrepreneur who founded the global brand, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics that started with a line of 10 lipsticks. She’s also a NY Times best-selling author of 9 books about beauty and wellness. Today, Bobbi shares her evolution from makeup to wellness, and how she intersected the two with her new line of clean beauty products, Jones Road. Bobbi also gives us a look into her personal life, sharing her experience as a working mom running a multi-million dollar company, always putting her family first.

Today on The Healing Catalyst:

  • Revolutionizing the makeup industry & how Bobbi’s curiosity drives her
  • Why Bobbi decided to become a health coach
  • The development of Bobbi’s supplement line from her own personal needs
  • Being a working mom running a multi-million dollar company
  • Bobbi’s non-negotiables for health and wellness

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