30. Stop Fearing Death. My Conversation with Dr. Amy Robbins


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Dr. Amy Robbins is a clinical psychologist, wellness speaker, and host of the podcast “Life, Death, and the Space Between”. Amy was trained psychodynamically, meaning that she helps you understand your unconscious thoughts, feelings, and reactions to various experiences by bringing them into your conscious awareness. She integrates relational theories into her work as she examines how your previous relationships impact your current relationships.

Today’s conversation is a necessary listen for unpacking your own relationship with fear and control, and developing an empowered mindset for exploring your internal terrain. Dr. Amy and Dr. Avanti dive deep into how we can let go of this need to convince others to share our point of view, and why collectively we need to shift from today’s climate of “us vs. them” to an “us and them” perspective. This is an incredibly thought-provoking conversation, and may it bring you a fresh perspective on the concept of letting go.

Today on The Healing Catalyst:

  • Heal by understanding your patterns of behavior without being stuck in the past
  • How fear is driving our need to control others
  • Why you want to explore your relationship with death
  • Shifting from the fear of exposure to making your internal terrain stronger
  • Everyone has a story—listening with an open mind & heart
  • Exploring spirituality as a way to heal and grow

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