15. The Science of Habits and Helping Addiction


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Today, Dr. Avanti unpacks how our brain biochemistry leads us to abandon positive habits and New Year’s resolutions, not a lack of willpower. Through food, alcohol, shopping, and other behaviors, our brains get a rush of the feel-good hormone dopamine, which can result in cravings and even addiction. She provides resources and easy tips for bringing your brain biochemistry back into homeostasis so you can heal and calm your mind!

Today on The Healing Catalyst:

  • How our brain chemistry leads us to abandon New Year’s resolutions
  • The common stressors that cause dopamine surges
  • Why processed foods can be addictive
  • The change in brain chemistry that leads to addiction
  • 3 ways you can calm your brain using Ayurveda
  • Quick & easy food changes with profound effects


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