129 | New Moon in Cancer: Bunnies in Tutus!


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This week in the big sky: A sextile between Mars and Saturn favors bold, direct action, because tiptoeing around won’t always get you where you need to go! The Cancer New Moon is on the Sabian symbol, Rabbits dressed in clothes and on parade. Indulge your imagination! But with the New Moon square Jupiter, be careful not to take on more than you can handle. Mars squares Pluto on the Sabian Symbol A large, disappointed audience, and nothing good ever came of that. And listener Angela wonders why the Sun in her birth chart keeps winding up in different houses. Plus: pink tutus, hypnosis, and birds of a feather!

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[1:05] A sextile aspect between Mars and Saturn (June 27) encourages taking a direct approach to overcoming obstacles.

[2:46] Neptune enters a long retrograde cycle on June 28th, which may bring to light some issues from last spring that need clarification.

[4:56] It’s time for the Moooon Report!! The Cancer New Moon on June 28 is on the Sabian symbol, Rabbits wearing clothes and on parade. Let your imagination run wild! But with the Sun and Moon square Jupiter, beware of biting off more than you can chew. It may be a better time to finish existing projects than to start new ones.

[9:50] This New Moon initiates a new Lunar Phase Family cycle! (See this article for more on this fascinating, 2.5 year cycle.) Watch the full symbolism of this New Moon unfold over the next two and a half years, with critical points on March 28, 2023 (First Quarter Moon at 8° Cancer); Dec. 26, 2023 (Full Moon at 5° Cancer); and Sep. 24, 2024 (Last Quarter Moon at 2° of Cancer).

[12:02] The Void-of-Course Moon periods for the week of June 27th.

[17:56] A tricky square aspect between Mars and Pluto on July 1st: Can you turn it around to use Mars’ strength for good?

[19:40] In this week's listener question, Angela wonders why the Sun in her birth chart keeps winding up in different houses? You might find April's answer a little easier to follow in video form!

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