098 - Davina McCall: Making a menopause documentary left me in tears


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Davina McCall makes a welcomed return appearance to the Newson Health podcast to discuss what she has learnt from making Channel 4's taboo-smashing documentary, 'Sex, Myths and Menopause'. Dr Newson and Davina discuss a broad range of topics such as the role of estrogen in our bodies, types of HRT, the huge need for more research, and the gaps in menopause care across the country.

If you listen to this episode when first released, please note Davina's documentary airs on Channel 4 on Wednesday 12th May at 9pm.

Davina's 3 reasons to watch her documentary:

  • Someone you love, someone you know, or someone you work with will be going through what this programme is about. You may end up with a much greater understanding of that person
  • If you're pro-women, in any way, there are ways you can get out there and make a noise for positive change.
  • You will be informed about something that half the nation will go through. Everybody should know about it

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