Donna: How becoming the sole breadwinner forced Donna to get real about her practice.


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In this episode, we will be hearing from New York/New Jersey based therapist Donna Corbett. I have heard from so many therapists (100% of them women) who talk about the fact that they treat their private practice more like a hobby than a profession. In this episode, Donna shares the story of losing her husband, thus forcing her to become a single parent to her teenage daughter AND the sole breadwinner. This loss was followed by a pre-cancerous diagnosis that led Donna to have to undergo extensive chemotherapy. Donna had to get real about the fact that her private practice was a business. And get real, she did.

Donna has an important message for ALL clinicians who are not quite taking their practices seriously, whether that's out of fear, anxiety or guilt. This episode is a must listen.

In this episode, Donna will share:

Why it was imperative that she got off insurance panels;

What she WISH she had known back when she started out in private practice;

How death and illness has led to deep reflections about her business;

How and why she had to implement a schedule that put her needs first.

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