How raising her session fees increased the quality of Holly's clinical work.


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In this episode, we're speaking with Holly Anderson, one of our Lean In MAKE BANK grads. Before she got into Lean In. MAKE BANK, she was charging $125 per session. Then she raised her fees by $10 and was like, "I don't need Tiffany's program. I just raised by $10. I'm a baller."

But some part of her realized that she had work to do yet and she decided to jump into it. She now charges $150 for individuals, $180 for couples, and she's about to raise her fees again by the end of the year up to $175 to $200.

In this episode, Holly will share:

What made her realize it was time to change her private practice fees and raise her rates;

What she learned about her schedule and what it took for her to know that she needed to do something about it;

Her fear in making these changes;

What she discovered about herself in the process of preparing for and taking these steps;

How these changes that she made showed up in the quality of her clinical work.

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.


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More about Holly:

Holly is a dreamer who champions strong capable business women who kill it at work but are daydreaming about escaping to a quiet cottage by the sea to hideout. She is passionate about joining women in finding grit in their voice and unearthing their deepest desires so they can stop wishing for an escape hatch and instead embrace the life they have built.

To connect with Holly, head over to or drop her a note at

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