Jeremy: How this testing psychologist consultant raised his fees from $250/hour to $400/hour


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It's exhausting putting all the extra hours into your practice now so you can afford to live the life you love later. But what if you could overcome the fear of raising your rates while creating a schedule that works for you in order to live the life you love AS-uh-AP?

Join me today for my first interview with a psychologist consultant to find out how!

In this episode, we hear from Jeremy Sharp, group testing practice owner turned consultant. While he still owns his group practice, he also works with testing psychologists to build testing and assessment services in their own practices. We will talk about Jeremy's early days as a consultant and dive into his fears about charging higher fees, as well as how he overcame them, and how he learned to set the necessary boundaries to create a schedule that fits his life.

In this episode, Jeremy will share:

The what & why around his fear of raising his rates and how he overcame the fear;

How "What we do and the way we set our fees is modeling for whoever we work with." (Hello! SO important!);

The importance of focusing on your WHY when adjusting your practice to fit your life;

The reality of how much time is spent in the transition period when making changes to your practice (Spoiler!: it took 3-6 months for him);

The value of testing psychologists and why the should be charging accordingly.

You know what else will help you afford to live the life you love today? Saving $16,600 by working with a bookkeeper and tax specialist specifically serving private practices!

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More about Jeremy:

Jeremy Sharp opened his private practice in Colorado in 2009. It was slow-going at first, but his practice exploded over night due to a change in the local university's policy involving ADHD medication. Jeremy scrambled to hire the best local grad students and trained them to conduct testing and evaluations. Thus began the long hours of running his busy private practice and spending less time with his family. Jeremy was burnt out and he had to make a change, and he did!

In 2017, he started his consulting business, The Testing Psychologist. Although he still has his private practice, Jeremy now also works with testing psychologist to build their testing and assessment services in their own practice. He takes the pain he experienced and his knowledge of mindset shifts and breaking down the numbers, to help testing psychologists overcome the same feelings of overwhelm and isolation.

You can check out Jeremy's business & find HIS podcast here.

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