John: The journey of going from $60/session to $150/session.


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In this episode, we get to hear from another Ohio based therapist, John Harrison. John grew up with money messages that did not serve him and he became aware of how these messages were playing out in his practice in ways that weren't serving him. In this episode, he'll share how he slowly raised his fee over time (and even slid backwards for a while), as well as what he learned along the way - about his clients, his business and himself.

In this episode, John will share:

How he slowly raised from $60/session to $150-240/session;

What kinds of anxieties come up for white dudes in practice (they struggle, too!);

A clinical interaction that showed him that he was missing something vital in his clinical work;

The "magic" that happened in his clinical work when he began addressing his money shit;

and so much more!

More about John:

John Harrison is a licensed counselor in Cincinnati, Ohio. He owns a full fee private practice that he opened in 2015 after working as a therapist serving veterans at the VA hospital. This is his second career after spending 8 years in the US Army as an officer. He works with covertly depressed men in healing their childhood relational wounds as well as couples on the brink of divorce. He is certified in Terry Real’s Relational Life Therapy and experienced in Pia Mellody’s work in Post Induction Therapy helping people heal from their childhood relational wounding.

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