The Money Sessions Episode 1: How Rashida Went from Charging $40/Session to Charging $200/Session


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What’s up my peeps. 😎

I’m so excited to be back.

New year and a NEEEEEW season of THE MONEY SESSIONS! Let’s goooooo! 🏃🏾‍♀️💨

Today we get to hear from Rashida Ingram, a couple and family therapist servicing patients virtually. After spending 13 years working the prison system, she left to create her full fee premium practice.

We get to dive deep into how Rashida went from overworked, seeing 30 patients per week to changing her schedule, seeing only 13 patients per week, AND tripping her yearly income.

Rashida walks us through how her low fees were causing an unforeseen strain in her relationship with her children. She also gives us an inside look at how she stepped into her family legacy and what that meant for her family legacy.

In this episode, Rashida will share:

How she went from working in the prison system for 13 years to opening her private practice;

Three signs that made her realize it was time to raise her fees and change her schedule;

How she went from making 60K per year to her best year yet at 96k;

How she stepped into her family legacy to create a bigger impact and set up the future generations for success;

Three tips Rashida has for therapists who are trapped over working, under earning and need to let go of the scarcity mindset.

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.

Fun with Fees Calculator

4 Ways to Raise Your Fees

About Rashida:

I am Rashida Ph.D.(c), MS-CMFT, Couple and Family Therapist who specializes in life-changing personal growth experiences for hard-working professionals who desire to reset and regain control of their lives so that you feel more confident, valued, and fulfilled as they thrive.

Rashida Ingram, PhD (c), M.S.,CMFT

Innergy Connections, LLC

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