EP 36: Dynamic Risk Assessment for Offender Reentry (DRAOR) preview!


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We preview Dr. Serin's DRAOR assessment scale! If you are passionate about desistance from crime, this episode takes a look at one means of "operationalizing" or putting into practice some themes we often cover on this show. A client's "Risk status" is one thing, but discover how to learn of a client's "Risk state"! Listen to learn more!!!

Desistance from Crime-> Interventions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_s24_FA-Y8&list=PLd_uZVwsQmGzwai-QlHb8B180TCUA2uzD&index=7

Understanding R-N-R and Crime Desistance: https://carleton.ca/cjdml/wp-content/uploads/Crime-desistance-and-RNR-final.pdf

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