Jaycee Gossett- Dancing Around the World and Creating a Mental and Emotional Toolbox


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Jaycee Gossett is a dancer, model, teacher, podcaster, and wanderlust who believes the limitations we experience, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual are tied together- a true mind/body connection. Jaycee shines a light on how movement connects us and brings us so much joy bringing her years of competitive Latin ballroom dancing into schools, to wedding couples, and in her wildly popular exercise classes.

Jaycee has worked in front of and behind the camera. She produced and starred in a show for the Travel Channel called “Dance the World” highlighting how people move their bodies in different ways. After growing up around many brothers and their friends, she shares why women need other women. Her unforgettable goddess retreats celebrating divine femininity in Costa Rica and Brazil were named one of the best retreats by Well and Good.

She’s a founding teacher and the VP of Training at The Class, a cathartic workout for the body and mind started by Taryn Toomey. Jennifer Aniston, Christy Turlington, and Gisele among many others say it is their favorite workout because it not only is great exercise, it is a spiritual release through music, movement, and breathwork where you are pushed to get uncomfortable in order to change. Jaycee continues the conversation in her new podcast, The Class where she creates a mental and emotional toolbox using the same three pillars discussed in The Class: Curiosity, a desire to learn, Vulnerability- a state of openness, and Authenticity- showing up in a genuine way.

Before marrying my awesome brother, Adam Kallen (DF Podcast episode one), she dated Val Kilmer for three years who she credits for her introduction into spirituality and a love for nature. A true wanderlust, Jaycee shares how her first year of marriage went during a pandemic in a Brooklyn apartment she shares as a newlywed with a cute but rambunctious puppy. Jaycee opens up about her infertility journey and the challenges she’s been through. She rids the shame and stigma around a topic many of us are often too fearful to bring up, in the end helping so many others to see they are not alone.


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Jaycee is a dreamer who inspires others to dream and find the power within themselves. She encourages us to overcome limitations through movement and guided self-exploration.

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