How To Elevate Yourself and Your Business with Co-Founder of Cash Flow Tactics Jimmy Vreeland


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Jimmy Vreeland is the co-founder of cash flow tactics as well as a real estate investor and educator. With a strong military background, Jimmy has taken on some unique perspectives on his business and leadership approach. In this episode, we invite him to discuss the responsibility of freedom dichotomy and the sacrifices you have to make in order to truly be free. You will uncover the key to building successful relationships with powerful people and the countless insights and benefits that comes from them. Jimmy and Marck also touch on the power of Masterminding, the Collective Genius group, and effective Leadership.


  • How Jimmy’s military background influenced his leadership.
  • The freedom and responsibility dichotomy in business.
  • About the Collective Genius group (and the CG Slap).
  • How to best educate others on real estate investment.
  • The key to building a strong, effective team.


“The magic can’t happen in the masterminding until there's no ego. It's amazing when you're just there to learn from other people, it's just incredible what comes out of that.”

“Deep down, I believe the right people want to be challenged, they want to be held accountable, and they want to see a bigger vision.”


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