The financial benefits of integrating disease management into your practice with Dr. Chris Wolfe


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On this episode of 20/20 Money! My guest on today’s show is Dr. Chris Wolfe. Chris joins the show to talk about a topic that can directly impact the profitability of a practice, and that’s around the introduction of managed care into an optometry practice.

Whether you’re a seasoned OD that has been providing managed care for your patients for years or you’re an OD that has intentionally stayed away from the “managed care” sandbox, I really believe you’ll enjoy this conversation. Chris talks about the ways in which ODs can start “dipping their toes” into managed care, how to think about your schedule and potential operational efficiencies to increase revenue on the same number of doctor hours, how to reframe your thinking when patients inform you that they have a high deductible health care plan, and why it’s so critically important that you revisit your negotiated fee schedule with your various payors and how you can benchmark that to determine if you’re getting a fair reimbursement. All of the information talked about in today’s conversation can directly impact not only your top line but also bottom-line profit, so I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed interviewing Chris.

As a reminder, you can get all the information discussed in today’s conversation by visiting our website at and clicking on the Learning Center. While there, you can also set up a 20-30min Triage conversation to learn a little bit more about how we help ODs around the country reduce their tax bill, manage cash flow, and wisely invest their portfolios or check out any number of additional free resources like our eBooks and on-demand webinars.

And with that introduction, I hope you enjoy my conversation with Dr. Chris Wolfe.

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