Ep 3:29 #1 Volume Mitsubishi Dealership in the Country is Successful in Part Because of AutoWeb Leads


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Welcome to Season 3, Episode 29 of the Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast!

On this episode of the Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast, Host Sean V. Bradley, CSP, and Co-Host, L.A. Williams, strategize with the Internet Director of the #1 Platinum Mitsubishi Dealership in AMERICA - Jason Koons! Follow along as Jason lays out the road map to his dealership’s success, along with a detailed case study that shows exactly how he had a 530% lead conversion increase by using Autoweb leads, Dealer Synergy’s CRM processes, and how Jason went from selling 25 units a month out of his internet department to 135 units a month - a 440% volume increase!

Autoweb has been a publicly-traded company for 26 years, Beth Bartlett - Regional Sales Director for the organization and Chairman of Mitsubishi, expands on numbers and statistics… and how they hold PROOF and the TRUTH. Beth not only wants to highlight the dealerships that backup their data, but additionally wants to see hardline results and continued progress/conversions to push and EXCEED your organization’s goals.

Don’t miss this ‘Industry Insider Episode’ filled with tactics, tips, and FACTS to help YOU reach the same levels of success as Sean V. Bradley, Jason Koons, and Beth Bartlett.

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