The Solopreneur Survival Guide


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When I first started my online business in 2015 I didn't have a couple extra thousand dollars sitting around to invest in someone's course to hope it worked to grow my business. Many people who had gone through my Mindset Reboot Program were being called to start their own online business but had no idea where to start, so I figured I'd cover both bases and create a podcast that outlines everything I've learned about building successful online businesses from mentors like Matthew Pollard, James Wedmore, Brandon Lucero, Amy Porterfield, Jenna Kutcher, Donald Miller, Ray Edwards and a gazillion books I've read. You can easily and successfully run a business on your own without needing a team of people. It's all about systems, processes and following a clear step-by-step plan. The Solopreneur Survival Guide Podcast gives you that plan to create the business of your dreams - without the stress.

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