15 minutes in The Limelight (Michael Alig)


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In late March of 1996 a box containing the mutilated remains of an unidentified man washed up on the shores of Miller Field in Staten Island. Little did authorities know that this discovery was indelibly linked to the who's who of New York City Nightlife, and the king of the club kids himself, Michael Alig. Join WWBD as we take an ultra deep dive into the world in 1980's and 90's New York City night life. We trace the road to the concept of being famous for being famous and explore the rise of the elusive, colorful, living works of art and influence that were known simply as the club kids. This counter cultural phenomenon would change the landscape of art, music, and night life in a way no one knew was possible, and sadly, it culminated in one of the most shocking and grizzly murders of it's time.

*There were a great many sources this week, most of which you can find below, but we will post more of the talk show appearances in our social media this week. As always, we encourage you to read more if you can. Also Glory Daze will be available on Netflix soon, it is an incredible watch :)

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Glory Daze: The Life and Times of Michael Alig

Party Monster on Tubi

Limelight on Tubi

Michael Musto's Village Voice article, originally published in 1996

More recent coverage by Michael Musto

Party Monster (originally titled "Disco Bloodbath" by James St. James

Clubland By Frank Owen

The Club Kids on Joan Rivers

DragCon 2017 NYC panel featuring Michael Musto, James St. James, Amanda Lepore and photographer John Simone

New York City Club Kids by WaltPaper.

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