What is the 10X Real Estate Warrior Nation Podcast About?


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Here is a quick Introduction to the "10X Real Estate Warrior Nation" podcast with your host Sean Shallis ...

What is the Number One Question on Every Realtor's Mind, Yet they’ll. Never ever share out loud?

”Where is my next deal coming from?”

this one question literally consumes the minds of most realtors'....draining their energy, Limits their Self Confidence and their ability to Succeed!

It's Time to Flip the Script...and Ask yourself a New Question!

How do I build “Trackable Duplicate-able, Repeatable, Profitable and even Scale-able Real Estate Businesses...…?

Without Buying Expensive Leads, Paying Exorbitant Referral Fees or even Discounting my Commission on listings that won’t sell...

At the “10x Real Estate Warrior Nation Podcast we’ll answer these questions and So much more...My name is Sean Shallis and I’ll be you host..

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