Growing Your Personal Brand with The Punk Rock MBA - Finn McKenty


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Tim Yeadon chats with Finn McKenty, a marketing strategist and writer based in Kenmore. Finn is also a YouTuber known as The Punk Rock MBA. In only two years, he has amassed a following of nearly a quarter-million subscribers.

In this episode, you will hear about what Finn does as a business coach along with what standard advice he would give to anyone trying to grow their brand. Tim also asks Finn about lifetime value versus acquisition costs for a coach, and about how Finn moved from producing a deliverable to charging for the value of his knowledge. Beyond this, the two answer questions regarding setting and defining specific business goals, setting a higher bar for your own expectations, thought leadership and Mindshare (or Share of Voice), getting clients to trust your team as well as yourself, the value of Storytelling, and how to prepare for and survive recessions.

Tim Yeadon is the host of Input Doc and creative director of Clyde Golden, a creative agency in Seattle specializing in research, strategy, and content creation (earnestly delivered in that order) via Customer Journey programs.

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