Design as an Investment for Minority-Owned Startups - Keron Williams


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Keron Williams is a UI/UX designer in Houston, Texas, and the agency owner of Gravitt8 Development, which offers design and development of mobile apps and websites.

  • Keron’s background as a professional football player [00:37]
  • His path from playing football to becoming a designer [1:49]
  • Pluses and hindrances players take from their career as pro football players [5:52]
  • Diversifying his client base [7:43]
  • Overcoming the stigmas of being a pro athlete and football player [9:13
  • How Gravitt8 has changed over the years [14:54]
  • How to deal with creative agency pricing dilemma [17:37]
  • How small businesses can be helped during the COVID pandemic [22:37]
  • Type of data that small businesses should be tracking [25:59]
  • The impact of the COVID pandemic on minority-owned businesses [27:55]
  • How to be taken seriously as a small brand [29:32]
  • Balancing making money with supporting your community [34:15]
  • How to pick who you want to work with [35:30]
  • Currently 3 percent of designers are black, how to increase those numbers [41:08]
  • The benefits to society when designers are more representative of that society [51:11]

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