Community Is Built By Those Who Show Up - David Conrad


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David Conrad spoke with Tim Yeadon about his journey as organizer of CreativeMornings Seattle, the new age of online storytelling, and how showing up within a community is the best way to gain an understanding of others perspectives.

David Conrad is currently a Principal Design Manager at Microsoft. Formerly, he was chapter organizer of CreativeMornings Seattle, and Co-Founder of Design Commission.

  • How David helped found CreativeMornings Seattle and the agency Design Commission, and why he walked away from both. [00:59]
  • David’s memories of Design Commission. [6:33]
  • How the death of Flash changed storytelling and web design. [8:06]
  • What is CreativeMornings Seattle. [13:54]
  • How to create community, and how CreativeMornings prioritized community building over finding the perfect speaker [17:29]
  • Volunteers at CreativeMornings, and the power of the microphone [20:08]
  • David’s favorite talks from CreativeMornings, and what makes a great talk [22:52]
  • What David learned about decision-making, process, procedure, and consistency from working at CreativeMornings [25:35]
  • Building a business, and balancing making money with doing the work you want to do. [29:12]
  • What talk David Conrad would give at CreativeMornings [32:25]

Episode Transcript & Mentions

Clyde Golden is a creative agency in Seattle specializing in research, strategy, and content creation via Customer Journey programs.

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