Learning to Love Online Learning - Larry Asher


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Larry Asher is the Co-Director of the School of Visual Concepts here in Seattle, and the Creative Director of Worker Bees, a marketing communications firm niched in the healthcare industry.

  • Finding success in the world of remote learning [1:10]
  • What marketers want from agencies [9:18]
  • The importance of niching (and why being a generalist will hurt you [11:41]
  • What skills marketers and creatives want and need to learn right now [13:39]
  • How and why SVC has changed over time [18:10]
  • SVC’s role in the community [20:30]
  • Balancing running a school with running an agency [23:33]
  • Exciting new programs at SVC [28:55]
  • Larry’s plan to step down from SVC [32:25]

Episode Transcript & Mentions:

Clyde Golden is a creative agency in Seattle specializing in research, strategy, and content creation via Customer Journey programs.

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