The Progress Pride Flag, and the Realities of Intellectual Property - Daniel Quasar


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The designer of the Progress Pride flag comes on Input Doc to talk about their creative process when creating the flag, what it was like to have their intellectual property go viral, and how they balance being creative with being a business owner.

Daniel Quasar, a graphic designer and musician living in Portland, Oregon, designed the Progress Pride Flag in 2018. In this episode Daniel and Tim speak about:

  • Why the traditional Pride Flag needed an update
  • The history of the Pride Flag
  • How Daniel Quasar released the Progress Pride Flag to the internet
  • What it is like for your artwork to go viral
  • Critics of the Progress Pride Flag
  • Controlling the use of your intellectual property
  • Rainbow capitalism
  • What it’s like to suddenly be a small business owner
  • How the Progress Pride Flag has impacted the queer community
  • Keeping the mission in the forefront of the business
  • Daniel’s creative progress for the creation of the Progress Pride Flag
  • The meaning behind the flag’s chevron

Episode Transcript & Mentions:

Clyde Golden is a creative agency in Seattle specializing in research, strategy, and content creation via Customer Journey programs.

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