#32: It's All About the HEART (LEV)!


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In traditional Jewish wisdom, every letter of the Hebrew alphabet corresponds to a number. Many profound insights can be derived through connecting words and verses in the Torah that share the same numerical value--a method of textual interpretation known as "gematria." Well, when I happened to notice that this would be my 32nd episode since first launching this podcast back in November of 2020, I thought immediately of the Hebrew word, "lev," that has the numerical value of...32. I decided I had to seize the opportunity, and devote episode # 32 to examining the crucial importance of lev (heart) in our service of G-d as Jews (and human beings). "The Merciful One desires the heart," as our Sages famously teach, meaning that G-d wants us not just to mechanically perform mitzvot (commandments) with our limbs, or ritualistically utter words of prayer or blessing with our lips , but to have a sincere inner motivation to draw ourselves close to Him--and to elevate ourselves and the world--THROUGH those actions and words. And to do them with the greatest attention possible...with all our heart (lev)! So have a heart...and give episode #32 a listen!

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