ILLUMINATING CHANUKAH: Day 1! ("It IS an Important Holiday, Actually!")


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8 miraculous days of illumination...and 8 (miraculously?) consecutive episodes of Rabbi E in 3! Chanukah is truthfully a far more important and meaningful holiday than many suppose. If we get beyond the latkes and donuts (while enjoying them, of course) to think about it more deeply, we can find much to inspire us. The awesome power of self-sacrifice, the miraculous spirit and survival of the Jewish people through dark times of persecution (and against all odds), the uniqueness of the Torah and the mitzvot: these are just some of the uplifting lessons that we can re-learn each year. Chanukah also CHALLENGES each one of us-I would argue--to take an honest look at how much we are influenced (positively and negatively) by the powerful allure of the culture around us. Join me as I explore many of these themes in 8 consecutive, illuminating episodes of Rabbi E in 3!

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