ROT 023 Thinking Outside the Box with C.V.E's NgaFsh


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NgaFsh is a member of the “Chillin Villain Empire” (C.V.E) and the “Dynamic Duo” with his son “DJ NoWords”. He initially started rapping with “MC Spend” a rapper who would later become known as the “Bitch Better Have My Money” rapper “A.M.G”.

NgaFsh has been producing underground albums for years, toured the states and other parts of the world. As a member of “C.V.E” he and his label mates secured a quarter million dollar record deal which was quite unique whereas they kept creative control of their music and merchandise and would have all of their masters returned to them within a couple of years.

In this episode I play music which features NgaFsh, DJ NoWords, Rifleman, Riddlore, and Imperator. We discuss current events, healthy habits, mental health, his dealing with gangs while being bussed to school from South Central Los Angeles to Venice, the “Good Life” and “Project Blowed” open mic venues, his thinking outside the box and non-industry approach to making music.

"NgaFsh" Official Website:

The songs of the day are:

Fighting For Change - Imp The Great and NgaFsh (Buy the album)

This Is Hip Hop - DJ NoWords and NgaFsh

Gimmie My Stripes Back - NgaFsh (uptempo)

Trap Wit Us - DJ NoWords and NgaFsh

Music The Drug - NgaFsh

Debut - DJ NoWords and NgaFsh (slow mid tempo)

Summer of 89 - DJ NoWords, NgaFsh, and Rifleman

Losing Faith - DJ NoWords and NgaFsh

How They Do Us - DJ NoWords, NgaFsh, and Riddlore

Stay Woke - DJ NoWords and NgaFsh

The “Dynamic Duo” EP featuring DJ NoWords and NgaFsh - Buy Now!

The quotes of the day are:

“If you don't think outside of the box, you may just get stuck inside of a cubicle.” - Eric Vance Walton

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” – Cynthia Ozick

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