Advance Your Wealth - Key Issues Facing Successful Families and Business Owners


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Over the last year in particular, private business owners have faced significant challenges from the pandemic and resulting lockdowns with many businesses unlikely to open again. Even without pandemics and lockdowns, business owners face all sorts of challenges that may not seem obvious to the naked eye. Many businesses fail under normal economic conditions and those that do make it require significant time and sacrifice by the owner and their family with only a small percentage truly creating significant family wealth.

In the fourth episode of Advance Your Wealth, Homer and Ryan explore the key issues that successful families and business owners are facing in today's climate. Through collaboration and efficient planning, Homer and his team at Konvergent Wealth Partners are offering solutions to help this small group who have enduring success.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy another great episode that provides clear guidance on how to navigate these complex financial issues.


1:00 - Businesses of all sorts have faced countless challenges during the pandemic

2:20 - Implementing a three-step process to ensure your business thrives

4:00 - The challenges impacting business owners face on an everyday basis

5:13 - What are the drivers that lead a business to become difficult to run

6:40 - The missing link for businesses lacking consistent growth

8:55 - For the businesses that grow to the next level, what are the next challenges?

11:04 - How Homer's team is addressing the needs of the business owner

13:55 - How often the personal goals conversation comes into play

18:08 - The Konvergent Virtual Family Office

21:00 - Closing remarks

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