64: The Knoedler Art Forgery Scandal


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This week we’re doing things a little bit different than usual. Kat had a rough go over the last week and ended up in the hospital for a bit. She’s back home now but she’s busy resting up so we’re going to rerelase one of our £10+ Patreon bonus episodes to everyone this week so she can keep recuperating. Currently our £10+ patrons are just our moms and they agreed to let us release this to everyone considering the circumstances! So enjoy and we'll keep you updated on what's happening going forward!


In November 2011, the world renowned Knoedler art gallery announced it would be permanently closing after 165 years in business. The New York City institution made no real mention of why they were shutting the doors, only referencing vague “business reasons.” But behind the scenes, things were stormy, scandalous, and criminal.

Today we look into the world of high class art collecting, a world we have no experience with whatsoever! We’re telling you all about the $80 million forgery scandal that went on for nearly 20 years and brought down one of New York City’s oldest and most influential art galleries.

Check out some of the fake paintings above and let us know what you think of the episode and the scandal. Could you have spotted the difference between the fakes and the real thing?


The Knoedler Gallery Forgery Scandals and Shuttering—Who’s to Blame?

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Authenticity of Trove of Pollocks and Rothkos Goes to Court

From Afar, a Fugitive in the Knoedler Art Fraud Gives His Defense

Artist at centre of multimillion dollar forgery scandal turns up in China

Pei-Shen Qian's Paintings Examined

Knoedler Forger Claims Innocence


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