Fortune and Opportunity - Guy Kawasaki


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Guy Kawasaki talks about his early experiences working with Steve Jobs at Apple while working on the Macintosh project. Guy shares his thoughts on failure, working with other people's money, and why work-life balance is “overrated”. Guy also talks about his father and mothers families and their relocation to Hawaii in search of better opportunities. Through hard work in the plantation fields, fighting fires and even work in government Guy’s family helped pave a culture of hard work and “grit” that has been the secret to his success. This episode is an upbeat but very honest look at motivation, work ethic and finding fortune.

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“Failure is Not an Option”

“It is NOT “Ok” to fail. When you fail you ruin peoples’ lives, you waste money, you waste time, you waste many things… So don't get a cavalier attitude about failure. Having said that the odds are you WILL fail so the question is - “what lessons did you learn that will increase the probability of success next time?”


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