Piggyback Aircraft for Inter-City Travel, VW Doubles Down on EV Batteries and Blue Ammonia from CO2


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Two former SpaceX engineers have formed a startup to develop a composite, piggyback air transportation system that combines vertical takeoff drones with fixed wing aircraft for downtown-to-downtown intercity transportation. It’s all electrically powered, but can it really work?

Also this week, Volkswagen has placed a massive 14 billion-dollar order with Sweden’s Northvolt that will result in a major expansion in EV cell production. The deal will involve a deeper investment from VW in Northvolt and a takeover of battery manufacturing by Volkswagen.

And finally, reducing atmospheric CO2 can be approached in two ways: emit less or reduce what’s already in the atmosphere. A major oil exploration services company and a new energy tech firm have joined forces to convert CO2 into useful ammonia and do it profitably. The results could work hand-in-hand with electrification and keep the fossil fuel industry relevant without worsening climate change.

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