Ep 264: Vegas New Years, Madden Legacy, Sneaker drops for 2022 & Adjusted COVID protocols.


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It’s the last show for Mo & Mel in 2021, as the ladies look forward the the New Year and new opportunities. Mel breaks down some of the Las Vegas New Year ground rules for those traveling here or living here looking to partake in the festivities; road closures, COVID precautions, and parking/driving. The ladies also discuss the effects of the recent breakout in cases and the effects on Las Vegas like the CES Tech show & the Las Vegas Bowl. Mo & Mel also talk about the recent/sudden passing of John Madden and his accomplishments and long standing in the NFL as coach, color commentator & video gaming legend.

With Mel’s Seahawks officially out, there’s some discussion on where the team goes from here, along with news that broke today about Mel’s favorite Seahawk. Mo’s Raiders still have a chance in making the playoffs but will need to go on the road to Indianapolis and get a win. Updates on player injuries and COVID lists for this week as well as recap of some of last weeks games including the biggest betting Ticket Buster! Mel breaks out a long list of #Sneaker drops for 2022, there is definitely some heat on the horizon. And the ladies discuss their thoughts on Becky Hammond being looked at for possible Las Vegas Aces Head Coaching position and #girlpower for this week.

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