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We are in a mini-series about organization. Last week I talked about the necessary act of decluttering. Today I’ll give you some tips about how to organize your things in your home. Listen in.

As you organize, here are your goals:

Goal 1: Can I find and access what I need when I need it?

Goal 2: Can I easily maintain this system?

The areas we are going to talk about today are


Focus your organization efforts on your kids’ favorite things. Use simple timeless things like mason jars, neutral bookshelves, small storage bins, sticker labels, and sharpies so they can find what they want and also easily clean up by themselves.

Kitchen: store your items in the way that you use them and that makes the most sense to you. And keep a folding step stool somewhere near your kitchen if you have high shelves or you’re short, like me.

Closets: Group your clothes in your closet by category and color and get matching hangers if you can. Don’t overstuff your drawers and store your workout clothes in complete outfits like you’re in preschool.

Books: Only keep books you love, will re-read, or will reference again. Think of books as home decor. Arrange them on your shelves by color and use them in small stacks in vignettes.

Paper: Keep as little paper as possible. Use binders or hanging file folders for paper you need to keep. Use tabbed file folders as a temporary holding place for paper you need to process.

Keepsakes: If you have room for it, then don't stress about it. Keep it.


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