Seeking Solitude as a Spiritual Practice With Kids at Home


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One of the most challenging aspects of being a Christian mom is finding ways to be alone to pray or read or study the Bible (or just think or be quiet!) while you are surrounded by kids. If your quiet time with the Lord is limited or non-existent, I have three words of encouragement and four things to try.

Words of Encouragement:

1. Don’t feel guilt or shame if you crave solitude. 2. Don’t feel guilt or shame if you are struggling to carve out a consistent time--especially if you have babies or very small children at home. and 3. I promise it gets easier.

Suggestions of Things You Can Try:

1. Be diligent about it, understanding that you are laying a firm foundation for your future. 2. Be willing to shift as they grow. 3. Look for opportunities to be quiet in unconventional places and during unconventional times. 4. And be willing to find your solitude while the rest of the house is asleep.



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