29. Tried & True Relationship Tips to Heal + Align in Sacred Partnership with Relationship Expert Rachel DeAlto


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I go down relationship lane with relationship expert, speaker, and TV personality, Rachel DeAlto, a dear friend from my past life as a talk show host. Together, we unpack why humanity is wired for connection and how to navigate the dating landscape from an embodied place.

There is no denying that the journey to finding divine partnership is challenging. Both Rachel and I connect over the origins of our spiritual evolution and acutely painful dissolutions of long-term relationships that propelled us to go inward to call in the relationships we truly desired. It took me years of spiritually purging and nearly five years of celibacy to arrive at this destination. Along the way, there were plenty of red flags, dangling carrots, and lessons learned – more on all of that in the episode.

Love doesn't work with our set timelines. Trust in divine timing, coupled with the personal work, and a drop of magic, is what gets us to the finish line. Moving away from "I want" to "I receive" is a process that's easier said than done, but knowing you're not alone can help soften the hardships of the voyage.

So how do we fill the beautifully sacred space in between? Or make peace with those past connections that left scar tissue? Are there ways to quell social anxiety to get back into the dating world with intention? Rachel shares her insights and answers your burning questions in this expansive conversation that will fill your cup with gratitude for love, singledom, and even those past sticky "situationships" that shaped the person you are today.

The Ceremonial Offering

Join us for a hypnotic cleansing ceremony where you’ll observe your heart and fill it with pure source energy to heal, before radiating your inner light out onto the world around you.


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