34. God Is My Boss: Living in Devotion + Returning to Love with Aaron Rose


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Aaron Rose is on a mission of love, unifying displaced fragments, and supporting leaders to live out their calling here on this Earth school. Ever since our time meeting in NYC and later spiritual encounters in the middle of the wilderness in Massachusetts, I sensed Aaron’s divine presence and knew he would be part of my life in my New York chapter and beyond.

Aaron doesn’t need to drop names of the influential people he’s worked with or amass a following of millions to feel aligned with his Divine power and purpose. His trust muscle with God is too deep to worry about growing a social media presence when he knows his work will find those who are drawn to his message. Reaching a place of complete trust is a hard-earned practice that he and I both strongly relate to – especially when navigating a matrix that thrives on an illusion of judgment, finger-pointing, and shadow projection. Aaron graciously shares how he creates an impenetrable container between him and God, and the ways you can dial into your authentic mission and invite Christ consciousness into your life without religious dogma.

Whether it’s a daily mantra, prayer, or meditation, how you show up to your life every day is what doing the work is all about. We reflect on our individual journeys, cleaning up our sides of the street and answering God’s assignments to push into our edges and lean into whole new levels of surrender. And while we can buy a self-help book or share an inspirational quote on Instagram, Aaron’s wisdom – and ceremony – in this episode is your permission slip to take intentional action to step into your path as the sovereign, spiritual steward of your life.

The Ceremonial Offering

Get present in the moment and visualize yourself in nature. Invite the disconnected part of yourself inward and send it love and healing with Aaron’s unique mantra, that will help you call in your next action.


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