Episode 432: The Manitou


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On this episode of the B-Movie Cast Mary, Nic and Juan are back and we’re asking a hard-hitting question: What do you get when you cross Native American lore, The 1970s and filmmaker William Girdler? Well it looks like it’s a topless woman shooting lasers out of her hands at the reincarnated spirit of an ancient Native American Shaman who grew from a lump on her back in less than a week… also known as “The Manitou”. Oh and let’s not forget that Tony Curtis shows up in this one dressed as a discount version of Dumbledore from “Harry Potter”. Yes, “The Manitou” is chock-full of all the goodness you’ve come to love from the filmmaker who brought us “Grizzly”, “Day of the Animals” and the infamous “Exorcist” clone film “Abby”.

So grab a beer, warm up that TV dinner and get ready to enjoy the film that proves Tony Curtis was spending a lot of money on alimony in the 1970s: “The Manitou”.

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