Episode 437: The People That Time Forgot!


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This time on The B-Movie Cast, Mary, Nic and Juan are checking out the second lost continent of Caprona film with the AIP 1977 film “The People That Time Forgot”. It’s the sequel to the film from our last podcast on “The Land That Time Forgot” and begs the question, what’s wrong with time that it keeps forgetting stuff?

This time we have Patrick Wayne leading an expedition to find Doug McClure’s character Tyler from the first film. Times have been rough in Caprona though because there just aren’t that many dinosaurs to be found this time around. That’s OK though, the film makes up for it with the Naga, weird woman sacrificing, Japanese armor-wearing, samurai sword-wielding bad guys that live in the prototype for Castle Greyskull from “He-Man”.

So grab yourself a beer, heat up that TV dinner and let’s get ready to check out the second Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “The People That Time Forgot” (AKA: “Hogan Dates Out of His League!”).

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