Episode 438: Ator the Fighting Eagle


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It’s a new episode of The B-Movie Cast and this week Mary and Nic have a special guest: Dr. Smith! No, not the creepy one from “Lost in Space”. This is Dr. Adrian Smith, film historian and lecturer at The University of Sussex in the U.K.

Adrian has come down from his castle in Sussex to talk about the sword and sorcery ‘mock-buster’ that is “Ator: The Fighting Eagle” from 1982. This film has everything: magical swords (that aren’t that magical), evil wizards, monsters, Amazon women, a cute little bear cub and don’t forget miles and miles of Miles O’Keefe!

So sit back and get ready for some Italian knock-off fantasy film fun with “Ator: The Fighting Eagle”… oh and try not to worry about him not really being an eagle… that’s one of those things it’s best not to dwell on.

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