Episode 439: The Keep


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The B-Movie Cast is back and this time we’ve got two special guests. Mary and Nic are joined by fan favorite, British photographer Mark Mawston, and filmmaker John Stevenson. The gang has decided to take on a cult favorite from the 80s- “The Keep”. It has got monsters, Nazis and all the synthesizer music they could cram into it. Some call it a horror film, some call it a fantasy, the director says it’s an adult fairytale and the box office in 1983 said it was a dud. This film suffered from the common problem of the studio (Paramount) taking the artistic vision of the director (Michael Mann) and tossing it into the trash as they cut the film from 3.5hrs to 2hrs and then finally to a nearly incomprehensible 96 minutes! But don’t worry, the B-Movie Cast is ready to make it all right! So get ready for some fun as we break down the movie and live our best life checking out what is really a 96 minute Tangerine Dream music video!

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