Episode 442: Trancers


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The B-Movie Cast is back… sort of. We recorded a few episodes in preparation for Mary going off the air for 6-8 weeks during the nuclear plant shutdown she works at called ‘the outage’. What we didn’t know when we put these episodes ‘in the can’ was that Mary would be opting out of doing the outage this year due to health concerns. Don’t worry, she’s fine, she wanted to stay fine so she’s staying home with Kitty her cat. That said, we still have a few pre-recorded episodes and this is one of them!

The last pre-recorded episode was Nik Havert’s “Monster Music Cast” and now Mary and Nic back and we’re joined once again by Brian Cunningham, filmmaker, and co-owner of Thoughtfly Studios in Louisville Kentucky. The gang is checking out another 80s flick. This time it’s “Trancers” from 1985! This is a definite ‘Nic-pick’ film but that’s OK because everyone enjoyed it… even if Nic does end up spending half the cast defending the merits of this 80s ‘mockbuster’ of “The Terminator”.

By the way, what’s even better than doing a podcast on a time travel movie? Time-traveling during the time travel cast! Well, we did it! Mary, Nic, and Brian got together again to record the feedback and the contest sections of the cast. That’s right we visit the past during this episode! I don’t think we changed the future… we’ll see.

So don’t be a squid! Grab a drink, a TV dinner, and your long-second watch and check out the “Trancers” episode of the B-Movie Cast!

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