Episode 445: The Beastmaster


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The B-Movie Cast is back and this episode Mary and Nic are joined by filmmaker Brian Cunningham. We’re excited to say to the listeners “Hey Beastmaster is on!” That’s right, Mary hasn’t had enough guys in loin clothes yet! First, it was “Ator: The Fighting Eagle” then it was “Yor: Hunter from the Future” now it’s time for “The Beastmaster”! This is probably Mary’s favorite of the ‘barbarian’ 80s flicks and it’s definitely one that Nic saw on HBO at least a hundred times in the 80s. “The Beastmaster” is from writer/director Don Coscarelli. Coscarelli is best known for the “Phantasm” film series and he brings his love of horror and the macabre to this sword and sorcery tale with some weird magic, crazy creatures, and the evilest Rip Torn the screen has ever seen! So grab a beer and heat up your TV dinner because it’s time to follow the adventures of Dar, the Beastmaster, as he tries to save the day while not getting mauled by a tiger that’s annoyed at being painted black!

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