Episode 453: Enter The Dragon


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B-Movie Cast episode 453 is here! This is a special show paying tribute to the late John Saxon. A ubiquitous figure in film and television, John passed away recently at the age of 83. We wanted to check out one of his most iconic films in his honor: “Enter the Dragon”. Mary and Nic are lucky enough to be joined by actor, filmmaker, and writer Michael Worth. Michael worked with John on many projects and was his friend. He also took the time to sit down with John and record him as he recounted some of his memories of his long career. Michael is sharing a small segment of those recordings with us in this episode as John talks about going to Hong Kong to film our movie this episode “Enter the Dragon”.

“Enter the Dragon” wasn’t just any old martial arts film. It was the first real collaboration between the film industries of Hollywood and Hong Kong on a martial arts film. A joint production staring martial arts master Bruce Lee, middleweight Karate champion Jim Kelly and of course John Saxon who also had a black belt in Karate and was also accomplished at Judo.

“Enter the Dragon” would open the door for a new generation of martial arts films, showing the genre to be commercially viable in the American and European markets and setting the bar by which all future martial arts films would be judged.

So, grab some popcorn, crack open a cold beverage and get ready to check out the film where Bruce Lee asks the question “why doesn’t somebody just shoot this guy?”

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