Episode 455: House 1977


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The B-Movie Cast is back! We’ve got a special guest this week- Dr. Smith! No, not that one, the British one! Dr. Adrian Smith! Adrian is joining Mary and Nic to check out the gonzo Japanese horror film from 1977: “House” (Nihongo de: Hausu).

This was writer/director Nobuhiko Obayashi’s fever dream ghost story from Toho Studios. Toho saw that “Jaws” was a hit and ask Obayashi to make something like “Jaws” for them. Well… he definitely made a movie, but the only things it has in common with Spielberg’s 1975 blockbuster is that they were both filmed on 35mm film stock! “House” is a head trip, but well worth the price of admission! So grab an Asahi beer, order up some sushi and check out the Japanese horror classic “House”!

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