Episode 458: Curse of the Demon (AKA- Night of the Demon)


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Halloween is coming and for the B-Movie Cast that means we do a special film with special guest Mark Mawston! This year’s Halloween treat is “Curse of the Demon” AKA “Night of the Demon” in the UK. The ‘trick’ that comes with this treat is that it was covered way back in episode #78 by the show’s creator, Vince Rotolo and guest Barry Harding. Normally we wouldn’t revisit a film, but Mary, Nic and Mark weren’t in on that original podcast and this film is a favorite of Marks so… here we go again!

“Curse of the Demon” is a film about black magic and the eternal struggle between the rational mind and forces of the supernatural. Will science win out over superstition or will we learn that some forces are beyond our understanding? Well don’t just sit there reading! Grab some popcorn, your favorite tasty beverage and maybe a bit of that Halloween candy you’ve been saving and tune in for episode 458 of The B-Movie Cast for “Curse of the Demon”

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