Episode 462: 3615 Code Père Noël (AKA- Deadly Games)


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Merry Christmas B-Movie Cast fans! This episode has a special holiday treat from France: “Deadly Games” AKA “3615 Code Père Noël”. It’s the film that we’re pretty sure John Hughes watched in 1989 and said “let’s do that only with 3 Stooges humor instead of murder”. It’s “Home Alone” on steroids and a first for Mary and Juan. Now let’s see if Nic’s winning streak will continue, Mary liked “Tremors” and “Big Trouble in Little China”, but can Nic really pick three in a row that Mary doesn’t hate? Tune in to find out the answer, and stick around to hear why René Manzor is Nic’s new spirit animal! Grab a beer and get ready for some French Yuletide cheer with “Deadly Games” AKA “3615 Code Père Noël”.

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