S01 EP02: At least you didn't...sling poo at a string quartet


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At least you didn't...think you were famous, get naked infront of your Dad's mates or sling poo at a string quartet.

Yes. Caroline Verdon worked for a local radio station and when she got her first job, she thought she was famous. All it took was a gym session to make her see the VERY embarrassing error of her ways. Accidentally letting one rip during a yoga class is NOTHING compared to this level of awkwardness.

Not to be left out, Annabelle ups the ante with a misdemeanour involving her Dads mates, a desperate desire to have friends and a giant donut.

And then yes. You read it right. Caroline accidentally threw poo at a string quartet. However you are imagining this having played out, the reality was worse. As you will soon hear.

Yet again proving their lives are a comedy of errors.

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