S01:EP18: At least you didn't...get sent a sext at a very unfortunate moment...with Caroline and Annabelle


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Welcome to our final episode of Series1 of the At Least You Didn't...podcast!

On this weeks episode, find out why Caroline should not be allowed on Facebook, why Annabelle ended up in a tricky position with sexts from her boyfriend and how Caroline somehow failed her driving test SIX times and ended up in court.

We'll also hear from Mike Lindsell, artic hero, pro diver, and ferry owner about his own at least you didn't story and also about whether or not he's listened to the podcast whilst in Antarctica because we're going to be pretty darn excited if he has!!

This is the last episode of the series but we'll return on Tuesday 12th September with series 2 which will be filled with more anecdotes and cock-ups from our disastrous lives. Until then you can catch us on Facebook and Instagram and we ***might*** have some prizes to give away...

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