Heart Rate Variability (HRV) with Marco Altini


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Connect with Marco:

HRV4Training: https://www.hrv4training.com/

Twitter: @altini_marco

Strava: Marco Altini

Show Notes

10:45 - What is Heart Rate Variability (HRV)?

14:35 - What is the value of monitoring HRV?

18:10 - Context matters. Marrying subjective feedback with quantitative data

24:38 - Acute vs. Long Term Trends

32:37 - How your HRV baseline is determined

37:57 - How to use HRV4Training

45:23 - About HRV Logger: https://www.hrv.tools/hrv-logger-faq.html

HRV Logger Case Study with Daniel Rowland: https://www.hrv4training.com/blog/base-training-case-study-intensity-management-and-progress-measurement

55:53 - HRV4Biofeedback: https://www.hrv4training.com/blog/a-primer-on-heart-rate-variability-biofeedback

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