Match Talk - 2


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In this one we discuss the Whiteriver Shotgun Open, a 160-odd round test of shotgun skill and equipment. A spectacular match that we will be attending next year. Big congratulations to Demis for winning the match overall.

We then discuss the EGPSA Handgun League 1 2021, held at Wattlesprings. It was the first level 2 match hosted by the province, and the first non-level 1 match all three of us had shot since early 2020. There are some interesting observations around match-fitness and coming back from a year of shooting some club matches. It was truly great being back on the range with old friends, many we haven't seen in nearly a year.

Finally we discuss the latest Golden City midweek match, attended by Corn along Gaz and other members of team Zero Mike. A well designed and interesting match with much. A big congratulations to Gaz for winning standard, Zama for winning PO and Albert for his win in Classic.

We'd like to apologize for Corn's poor audio in this one, technical difficulties took the fancy mic out the recording.

Reminder that there will be a Shotgun Extravaganza at Vektor Shooting Club on the 13th of March.


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